Tomato Chutney (தக்காளி சட்னி)

This recipe of tomato chutney is one of the easiest preparation that would go with almost every other breakfast. This is a very good combination with Idly, Dosa, Poori, Chapathi or even Upma. I learned this recipe from my Grandma who is well known in our family for many of the tastiest recipes. This dish would give you the rich taste if you use well ripe tomatoes in dark red color. Preparation time for this dish is lesser than 20 minutes with very simpler ingredients. Quantity given here would suffice for 3 people.

1. Tomato - 3 medium sized
2. Onion - 2 medium sized
3. Garlic - 3 pods
4. Sambhar Powder - 1 1/2 tablespoon
5. Cloves - 3
6. Cinnamon stick - 2 small pieces
7. Fennel seeds - 1 teaspoon
8. Salt - to taste
9. Oil - 3 tablespoon
10. Coriander Leaves

1. Finely chop the tomatoes and onions.
2. Heat oil in a pan and add the spices one by one - Cloves, Cinnamon sticks, fennel seeds and fry in a low flame. Take care not burn them.
3. Now add tomatoes, onions and garlic and cook well for 2 to 3 minutes
4. Add required amount of salt and sambhar powder and mix well. If you do not have sambhar powder, you can alternatively use 1/2 table spoon of red chilly powder and 1 table spoon of coriander powder.
5. Mix well and add required amount of water (for the given amount, i add 300 ml of water) and cook well.
6. When it is cooked, you would still have some water in the mixture. Now switch off the stove and filter the water to another dish.
7. Smash the remaining mixture nicely with a spatula and add it to the filtered water.
8. Garnish with coriander leaves and tomato chutney is ready to serve.

PS: I didnt have coriander leaves today, so my photo misses the garnishing today :)

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