Aviyal (அவியல்)

Aviyal is the most famous dish in Kerala. Sadhya (big feast) is never complete without aviyal being one of the dishes served. This dish will force people eat all vegetables which they would never eat separately. In fact I was one such victim to this dish :) I have heard of a story about the invention of aviyal in Mahabaratham, though not sure if this is true. Bheema (one of the Pandavas) was given the duty of a cook during Angnthavaasa. But at that time, he didnt really know anything about cooking and the first dish he prepared was chopping all vegetables, boiling them and topping with grated coconut :)

Preparation time: 40 minutes

Ingredients:1. All Vegetables - 300 gms ( I generally use beans, carrot, drumstick, potato, yam, sweet potato, green peas).
2. Graed Coconut - 100 gms
3. Green Chillies - 4 to 5 (you can vary it depending on your spice level)
4. Curd - 50 gms
5. Coconut oil - 3 table spoon
6. Salt - to taste

1. Chop all vegetables to medium pieces. DO NOT cut into small pieces as they would get smashed when cooking.
2. Add the vegetables to a pressure cooker along with enough water to cook these vegetables and salt. Do not add more water, as it would make the dish more watery.
3. Cook these vegetables in cooker for not more than 3 whistles.
4. Meanwhile grind coconut and chillies to a fine paste.
5. Bring the pressure cook to heat again, and add the ground paste and cook for next 5 to 6 minutes until the raw smell goes off.
6. Then add curd to the mixture and cook for next 5 minutes in a very low flame.
7. Heat coconut oil in a separate pan and pour hot oil into this mixture and switch off the stove.
Tasty, healthy , colourful aviyal is ready to be served. This goes well with Rice and Adai.

1. Make sure to use only coconut oil to season the dish as it adds taste to it.

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