Gra-pple Juice

Fruits are one of the richest source of energy and keeps you very healthy. We are lovers of fresh fruits and juices. We started getting bored of the bottled fruit juices here and badly want to have home made fresh juice and especially wanted to try varieties in them. I started making my own cocktail marrying the two lovely fruits- Apple and grapes and named it Gra-pple Juice.

Preparation time: Lesser than 10 minutes

Apple - 1
Red Grapes - 15
Sugar - 5 teaspoons

1. Chop apples into pieces.
2. Add apples, red grapes, sugar to a blender and grind well.
3. Your energy drink is ready :)

1. You can filter the juice if required. But drinking it without filtering is always preferred as it is considered more healthy.
2. You can try adding a pinch of salt to the juice, that would enrich its taste.

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